Welcome to the ER>ER project!

We invite you to this new approach to unleash the potential of “Waste Heat Recovery” solutions in the energy intensive industry in Europe.

What´s the starting point?
Waste Heat Recovery solutions do exists in many forms – however, numerous studies show that a lot of potential remains untapped. The purpose of this project is to tackle the first barrier, the initial hesitance or uncertainty over industrial energy recovery. The massage of the project is that it works in our actual existing case, so it could work for you!

What we believe does NOT work

  • Develop another 800 page document which will go directly into “archive-mode”
  • Propose a “one-fits-all” solution
  • Put “something” on a website and be surprised that nobody comes along

So, what is the “new” approach?

  1. First, we engage with the entire energy intensive industry
    • using a community platform with more than 35.000 members (EEIP) and communication channels ranging from EEIP Portal to Twitter, from Facebook to LinkedIn, from newsletters to events & industrial fairs.
  2. Second, we invite the entire energy intensive industry to jointly develop a matrix with drivers and barriers for such solutions
    • As a starting point for any potential own company project
    • As a flexible approach to incorporate similarities and differences within the energy intensive industry
  3. Third, we start with existing good practice
    • The Norwegian pilot project of ferro-alloy company Finnfjord, a world leader in energy efficient manufacturing

What we want from you?
Check out and comment on the “matrix” (now closed)

Please have a look on “about project” for some brief information about the project partners, funding and of course the matrix as well!

Please when creating a username use a valid form of name  and surname/company. All users with a non recognisable form of username will be deleted.